ABI   application binary interface
ABS   air bearing surface
Ac  Power Alternative Current
ACE   Advanced Computing Environment
ACPI   Advanced Configuration and Power Interface
ACSM   Application Control State Machine
ADB   Apple Desktop Bus
ADE   automatic design engineering
ADF   Auto Document Feeder
ADO   ActiveX Data Objects
ADSI   Active Directory Service Interfaces
ADT   attribute definition table
AGP Accelerated Graphics Port
AIF   application integration feature
ALU   arithmetic logical unit
AML   ACPI Machine Language
AMR   Audio/Modem Riser
AOAC   always on/always connected
API   application programming interface
APIC   Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller
APM   Advanced Power Management
APNIC   Asia Pacific Network Information Center
ARC   Advanced RISC Computing
ASF   Active Streaming Format
ASL   ACPI Source Language
ASP   active server page
ASPI   Advanced SCSI Programming Interface
ATA   AT Attachment
ATAPI   AT Attachment Packet Interface
ATM   asynchronous transfer mode
ATM API   asynchronous transfer mode application programming interface
ATMS   Automated Traffic Management Systems
AT-UD   Unimodem Diagnostics Command
ATX   AT eXtension
ATX Advanced Technology Extended
AUI   Attachment Unit Interface
AVGA   Advanced VGA
AVI   Audio Visual Interleaving
AWT   Abstract Window Toolkit
BAR   base address register
BASIC   beginner’s all-purpose symbolic instruction code
BBS   bulletin board system
bcc   blind carbon copy
BCL   bias compensation layer
BDA   BIOS Data Area
BDC   backup domain controller
BDK   Business Development Kit
BIOS   basic input/output system
BIOS Basic Input Output System
BIPS   billion instructions per second
BIS   boot integrity services
BLOB   Binary Large Object
BML   Broadcast Markup Language
BMP   Basic Multilingual Plane
BMP   Bit Map
BMS   broadcast message server
BNF   Backup Naur Form
BOF   beginning of file
BOOTP   bootstrap protocol
BPB   BIOS Parameter Blocks
BPC   Broadcast PC
BPI   bit per inch
BPI   bit per instruction
bpp   bits per pixel
BPR   business process reengineering
bps   bit per second
BRAN   Broadband Radio Access Networks
BRI   Basic Rate Interface
BSDL   Boundary Scan Description Language
BTL   backplane transceiver logic
BTRON   Business TRON
BTX Balanced Technology Extended
BUS   broadcast unknown server
C&C   computer and communication
CA   conditional access
CA   certification authority
CAD   computer aided design
CAD/CAM   computer aided design / computer aided manufacturing
CAE   computer aided engineering
CAE   common application environment
CAE   Conditional Access Engine
CAI   computer assisted (aided) instruction
CAL   common application language
CAL   computer assisted learning
CALS   Computer-aided Acquisition and Logistical Support
CAM   computer aided manufacturing
CAM   content addressable memory
CAPI   Cryptographic API
CASE   computer aided software engineering
CAT   computer aided testing
CBQ   class-based queuing
CD Compact Disk
CD ROM Compact Disk Read Only Memory
CD RW Compact Disk Rewritable
CDA   Compound Document Architecture
CDB   Command Description Block
CDC   Connected Device Configuration
CDDI   copper distributed data interface
CDE   Common Desktop Environment
CDF   Channel Definition Format
CDFF   Common Document File Format
CDIF   Common Document Intermediate Format
CDL   Class Definition Language
CDP   Concept Description Plan
CD-R Compact Disk Recordable
CDRA   Character Data Representation Architecture
CDSA   Common Data Security Architecture
CEDR   Windows CE Driver Repository
CG   computer graphics
CGA   Color Graphics Array
CGA   column grid array
CGI   Computer Graphics Interface
CGI   common gateway interface
CGM   Computer Graphics Metafile
CHRP   Common Hardware Reference Platform
CHS   cylinder head sector
CI   Component Instrumentation
CICS   Customer Information Control System
CID   Compatible ID
CIFS   Common Internet File System
CIM   computer integrated manufacturing
CIM   Common Information Model
CIMOM   CIM Object Model
CINF   check (modem) INF tool
CIS   card information structure
CIS   customer information system
CISC   complex instruction set computer
CL   CAS(column address strobe) Latency
CLAD   cell assembler/disassembler
CLDC   Connected Limited Device Configuration
CLI   Call Level Interface
CLOS   Common Lisp Object System
CLP   cell loss priority
CLUT   Colour Look-Up Table
CMC   Computer Numeric Control
CMIP   common management information protocol
CML   Caucus Markup Language
CMM   color matching modules
CMM   Capability Maturity Model
CMOS Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor
CNR   Communication and Networking Riser
COBOL   common business oriented language
COCOMO   construction cost model
COM   Component Object Model
CORBA   Common Object Request Broker Architecture
COSE   Common Open Software Environment
COSS   Common Object Service Specification
CP/M   control program for a microcomputer
CPN   central processing node
CPU   central processing unit
CPU Central Processing Unit
CRL   Certificate Revocation List
CRT Cathode Ray Tube
CSEL   Cable SELect
CSMA/CA   carrier sense multiple access with collision avoidance
CSMA/CD   carrier sense multiple access with collision detection
CSN   Card Select Number
CSS   Contact Start Stop
CSV   comma separated value format
CT   computerized tomography
CTI   Computer Telephony Integration
CTRON   central-TRON
CTS   computerized typesetting system
CTS   Clear To Send
DA   data administrator
DAA   Data Access Arrangement
DAC   Design Automation Conference
DAP   Directory Access Protocol
DAS   dual attachment station
DASD   direct access storage device
DB   database
DB2   Database 2
DBA   database administrator
DBC   Device Bay Controller
DBM   Dual Bit Map
DBMS   database management system
DC   device context
Dc  Power Direct Current
DCD   Data Carrier Detect
DCE   Data Communications Equipment
DCE   distributed computing environment
DCF   Distributed Coordination Function
DCI   display control interface
DCL   Delay Calculation Language
DCLZ   data compression Lempel-Ziv
DCOM   Distributed Component Object Model
DDC2B   Display Data Channel Standard, Level 2B
DDE   Dynamic Data Exchange
DDF   Data Description Field
DDFF   Distributed Disk File Facility
DDK   Driver Developers Kit
DDL   data definition language
DDM   design data manager
DDM   Distributed Data Management
DDML   Display Driver Management Layer
DDoS   distributed denial of service
DDR Double Data RAM
DDS   Digital Data Storage
DDS   Distributed Data Server
DEF   Design Exchange Format
DES   data encryption standard
DFM   Distributed File Management
DFS   Distributed File System
DFT   Drive Fitness Test
DFT   design for test
DIB   Device Independent Bitmap
DIB   Directory Information Base
DIFS   distributed access inter frame space
DIM   Device Interface Module
DIMM Dual In Line Memory Module
DIN Device Identification Number
DINA   Distributed Information Processing Network Architecture
DIPS   Dendenkousha Information Processing System
DISA   Distributed Information Processing System Architecture
DISM   Digital Interface Standards for Monitor
DISP   Directory Information Shadowing Protocol
DIT   Directory Information Tree
DLC   data link control
DLCI   datalink channel identifier
DLL   dynamic link library
DME   Distributed Management Environment
DMI   Desktop Management Interface
DML   data manipulation language
DMTF   Desktop Management Task Force
DMWG   Data Management Work Group
DN   Distinguished Name
DNS   Domain Name System
DOA   data oriented approach
DOM   Distributed Operations Master
DOMF   Distributed Object Management Facility
DOP   Directory Operational Protocol
DOS   Disk Operating System
DP   data parallelism
DPC   Deferred Procedure Call
DPI   dot per inch(dpi)
DPMI   DOS protected mode interface
DPMS   Display Power Management Signaling
DRC   design rule checker
DRDA   Distributed Relational Database Architecture
DRF   Data Recovery Field
DRM   Digital Rights Management (System)
DR-PI   design representation programming interface
DS   Directory Service
DSA   Digital Signature Algorithm
DSE   Development Software Engineer
DSM   digital storage media
DSM-CC   digital storage media-control command
DSO   Dynamic Shared Object
DSS   Microsoft Mail Directory Synchronization (dir-sync) Server
DSS   decision support system
DSSSL   Document Style Semantics and Specification Language (ISO/IEC 10179)
DSU   digital service unit
DTC   Distributed Transaction Coordinator
DTD   document type definition
DTE   data terminal equipment
DTM   data transfer mechanism
DTP   desktop publishing
DTR   Data Terminal Ready
DVD Digital Video Disk
DVMCI   digital video media control interface
DVO   Digital Video Output
DXF   drawing interchange file
EA   extended attributes
EAB   embedded array block
EAP   Extensible Authentication Protocol
EASI   embedded all-in-one system interface
EBCDIC   extended binary coded decimal interchange code
EBCOT   Embedded Block Coding with Optimized Truncation
EDA   electronic design automation
EDD   Enhanced Disk Drive
EDF   earliest deadline first
EDI   electronic data interchange
EDID   Extended Display Identification Data
EDIF   electronic design interchange format
EDO   extended data out
EDP   electronic data processing
EEMBC   EDN Embedded Microprocessor Benchmark Consortium
EEPROM Electrically Erasable Programmable Read only Memory
EFS   Encrypting File System
EGA   Extended Color Graphics Array
EGA   Enhanced Graphics Adapter
EHCI   Enhanced Host Controller Interface
EHLLAPI   extended high level language application programming interface
EIDE Enhanced Integrated Device Electronics
EIO   Extended I/O
EISA   extended industry standard architecture
ELF   Extended Link Format
EM   electronic mail
EMB   Extended Memory Block
EMC   electro magnetic compatibility
EMF   Extended metafile
EMM   Entitlement Management Messages
ENIAC   Electronic Numerical integrator And Calculator
EOF   end of file
EPIC   Explicitly Parallel Instruction Computing
EPP   Enhanced Parallel Port
E-R   entity-relationship
ERC   electrical rule checking
ERP   Error Recovery Procedure
ES   expert system
ESA   extended service area
ESA   Enterprise Systems Architecture
ESC/P   Epson Standard Code for Printer
ESCD Extended System Configuration Data
ESCD Extended Configration System Data
ESCON   enterprise systems connection
ESDI   enhanced small device interface
ESIOP   environment-specific inter-ORB protocol
ESS   extended service set
ETK   Embedded Toolkit
EUC   Extended UNIX Code
EUC   end-user computing
EUI-64   Extended Unique Identifier
EVC   Enhanced Video Connector
EWS   engineering workstation
ExCA   Exchangeable Card Architecture
FACS   Firmware ACPI Control Structure
FAPI   Fingerprint Aware Application Program Interface
FAT   file allocation table
FBAPI   Fingerprint Basic Aware Application Program Interface
FCA   Fibre Channel Association
FC-AL   Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop
FCB   file control block
FC-EP   Fibre Channel Extended Physical
FCP   Fibre Channel Protocol
FCP   function control protocol
FC-PH   Fibre Channel Physical
FCS   frame check sequence
FCSI   Fibre Channel Systems Initiative
FD   floppy disc
FDC   Floppy Disk Drive Controller
FDD Floppy Disk Drive
FDDI   Fiber Distributed Data Interface
FDIV   Floating (point) Divide
FDL   Facility Data Link
FDO   Functional Device Object
FE   Framing Error
FEAPI   Fingerprint Extended Aware Application Program Interface
FFOL   FDDI Follow on LAN
FHN   Fiber HUB Node
FiDO   Filter Device Object
FIM   Function Component Interface Module
FIQ   Fast Interrupt reQuest
FLP   fast link pulse
FMV   Full Motion Video
FMV   fair market value
FNA   Fujitsu Network Architecture
FNO   Foreign Namespace Object
FoIP   FAX over Internet Protocol
FORTRAN   formula translator
FP   function point
FPA   function point analysis
FPU   floating-point processing unit
FR   frame relay
FRS   File Replication Service
FSB   Front Side Bus
FSD   File System Driver
FSF   free software foundation
FSRTL   File System Run Time Library
FTAM   File Transfer, Access and Management
FTC   fault tolerant computer
FTP   File Transfer Protocol
FTS   fault tolerant system
FTTB   fiber to the building
FTTC   fiber to the curb
GART   Graphic Address Re-mapping Table
GB Giga Byte
GBps Gigabytes Per Second
GCP   Global Computation Platform
GDA   Global Document Annotation
GDI   Graphical Device Interface
GDT   Global Descriptor Table
GFC   Generic Flow Control
GIDEI   General Input Device Emulation Interface
GIF   Graphics Interchange Format
GINA   Graphical Identification and Authentication
GKS   Graphical Kernel System
GMR   giant magnetoresistive
GNU   general public license
GNU   GNU’s Not Unix, “guh-NEW”
GPC   Graphics Performance Characterization
GPIB   general purpose interface bus
GPIO   General Purpose I/O
GPL   GNU Public License
GSS-API   Generic Security Service Application Program Interface
GTF   Generalized Timing Formula
GVIF   Gigabit Video Interface
H/W   hardware
HA   home automation
HAA   Hitachi Application Architecture
HAMR   Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording
HCI   Host controller Interface
HCL   Hardware Compatibility List
HDA   head disk assembly
HDC   hard disk controller
HDCG   high definition computer graphics
HDD Hard Disk Drive
HDL   hardware description language
HDLC   High Level Data Link Control procedures
HDT   Host Digital Terminal
HDTV High Definition Television
HEC   Header Error Control
HEL   hardware emulator layer
HFS   hierarchical file system
HID   Human Interface Device
HIPPI   high performance parallel interface
HLLAPI   high-level language application programming interface
HMA   high memory area
HMI   Human Machine Interface
HPC   high performance computation
HPCCI   High-performance Computing and Communications Initiative
HPF   High Performance Fortran
HPFS   High Performance File System
HRTF   Head Related Transfer Function
HSFS   High-Sierra File System
HSM   Hierarchical Storage Management
HSSI   High-Speed Serial Interface
HSTP   High Speed Transport Protocol
HTML Hyper Text Markup Language
HTPC   Home Theater Personal Computers
HTTP Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
HTTPS Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure
I/O  Interfaces Input / Output Interfaces
I2O   Intelligent Input/Output
IA-PC   Intel Architecture Personal Computer
IBIS   I/O buffer information specification
ICC   integrated communication controller
ICCCM   Inter-Client Communication Conventions Manual
ICM   Image Color Management
ICM   Image Compression Manager
ICU   ISA Configuration Utility
IDAPI   Integrated Database API
IDE Integrated Device Electronics
IDL   Interface Definition Language
IDM   Interleaved Device Mode
IDT   Internet Development Toolbox
IDT   Interrupt Dispatch Table
IE   Internet Explorer
IF   Implements Forum
IFC   internet foundation class
IFS   ICOT Free Software
IFS   instable file system
IFSMGR   Instable File System Manager
IGES   Initial Graphics Exchange Specification
IHV   independent hardware vendor
IME   Input Method Editor
IN   intelligent network
Indeo   Intel Video Technology
INN   InterNetNews
IOOM   the Ithaca Object-Oriented Methodology
IOS   I/O Supervisor
IP   interface protocol
IPC   interprocess communication
IPD   Integrated Program Decoder
IPI   Intelligent Peripheral Interface
IPL   Initial Program Load
IrLAP   infrared link access protocol
IrLMP   infrared link management protocol
IrMC   Infrared Mobile Communications
IrOBEX   Infrared Object Exchange Protocol
IRP   I/O Request Packet
IRQ Interrupt Request
IrTA   infrared terminal adapter
IrTran-P   Infrared Transfer Picture
IrWW   Infrared Wrist Watch
ISA   Industry Standard Architecture
ISAPI   information server API
iSCSI   Internet SCSI (SCSI over TCP/IP)
ISI Intelligent  Serial Interface
ISIS   Image and Scanner Interface Specification
IS-IS   Intermediate System to Intermediate System Infra Domain Routing Exchange
ISM   Interface Subscriber Module
ISO/OSI   International Standards Organization Open System Interconnection
ISP Internet Service Provider
ISR   Interrupt Service Routine
IST   interrupt service thread
ISV   independent software vendor
IT Information Technology
ITRON   Industrial TRON(The Realtime Operating system Nucleus)
IVD LAN   integrated voice and data LAN
IVV   Independent Verification & Validation
IX   internet exchange
IXC   Inter Exchange Carrier
JAIN   Integrated Network APIs for the Java Platform
JAM   Java administration server
JAR   Java archive
Java VM   Java Virtual Machine
JCL   job control language
JCP   Java Community Process
JFC   Java Foundation Classes
JIT   Just-In-Time
JLE   Japanese Language Environment
JNI   Java Native Method Interface
JOIS   JICST On-line Information System
KBM   knowledge based machine
KBps Kilobytes Per Second
KCC   Knowledge Consistency Checker
KDD   Knowledge Discovery in Databases
KDT   keyboard definition table
KPA   key process area
KPS   key predistribution system
LA   laboratory automation
LAN   local area network
LAPM   Link Access Protocol, Modem
LBA   logical block address
LBP   laser beam printer
LCC   levelized compiled code
LCD Liquid Crystal Display
LCF   Link Control Facility
LDAP   lightweight directory access protocol
LDI   LVDS Display Interface
LEC   LAN emulation clients
LECS   LAN emulation configuration server
LES  LAN emulator server
LFN   long file name
LIM   Lotus-Intel-Microsoft
LIP   Loop Initialization Primitive
LP   laser printer
LPC   Low Pin Count
LPE   layout parameter extraction
lpi   line per inch
LPT   line printer
LSSD   level sensitive scan design
LSTF   least slack time first
LU   Logical Unit
LUN   logical unit number
LVE   Live Video Extensions
LVM   logical volume manager
MA   message area
MAC   media access control
MADK   Microsoft ActiveX Development Kit
MAOS   multi application operating system
MAPI   Messaging Application Programming Interface
MAS   multiple-address space
MB Mega Byte
MBONE   multicast backbone
Mbps Megabits Per second
MBps Megabytes per second
MCA   multi-channel access
MCA   Micro Channel Architecture
MCD   Mini Client Driver
MCGA   Multi Color Graphics Array
MCI   Media Control Interface
MCI   Multimedia Control Interface
MCT   Modem Compatibility Test
MCU   multipoint connection unit
MDD   multi-valued decision diagram
MDI   Multiple Document Interface
MDK   Modem Developers Kit
MDL   memory descriptor list
MESN   Media Event Status Notification
MF   more fragments (bit)
MF   media flexible
MFP   multi-function peripheral
MFT   master file table
MHS   message handling system
MI   Management Interface
MIA   Multivendor Integrated Architecture
MIDI   musical instrument digital interface
MIDP   Mobile Information Device Profiles
MIF   Management Information File
MIF   management information format
MII   media independent interface
MIMD   multiple instruction stream multiple data stream
MIPS   million instructions per second
MIS   management information system
MMC   Microsoft Management Console
MMHID   Multimedia Human Input Device
MMIO   memory-mapped I/O
MMU   memory management unit
MMX   multimedia extension
MNLS   Multi National Language Support
MNP   Microcom Networking Protocol
MOD   movie on demand
MOF   Management Object Format
MOLAP   multi-dimensional online analytical processing
MOM   message oriented middleware
MOOD   Methodology for Object Oriented Design
MP/M   multi-programming monitor
MPC   Multimedia Personal Computer
MPDU   MAC Protocol Data Unit
MPI   Message Passing Interface
MPIC   Multiprocessor Interrupt Controller
MPPE   Microsoft Point-to-Point Encryption
MPS   MultiProcessor Specification
MR   Mixed Reality
MRCI   Microsoft Real-time Compression Interface
MSCDEX   Microsoft CD-ROM Extensions
MSCS   Microsoft Cluster Server
MSDL   Microsoft Download Library
MSDN   Microsoft Developer Network
MS-DOS   Microsoft disk operating system
MSDU   MAC Service Data Unit
MSEN   Media Status Event Notification
MSMQ   Microsoft Message Queue Server
MSO   multiple system operator
MTD   Memory Technology Driver
MTE   Message Transfer Element
MTF   Microsoft Tape Format
MTS   Microsoft Transaction Server
MTU   maximum transmission unit
MTU   Maximum Transfer Unit
MUD   Master User Domain
MUI   multimedia user interface
MULTOS   multiapplication operating system
MVEX   Minimal Video Extension to X
MVS   Multiple Virtual Storage
MVS/ESA   MVS/Enterprise Systems Architecture
NABTS   North American Basic Teletext System
NAPLPS   North American Presentation-Level-Protocol Syntax
NBDD   NetBIOS datagram distribution server
NBNS   NetBIOS name server
NC   naming context
NC   Network Computer
NCB   network control block
NCP   Netware Core Protocol
NCRP   Network Computer Reference Specification
NCS   Network Computing System
NCSS   non-comment source statements
NCU   network control unit
NDD   Norton Disk Doctor
NDIS   Network Driver Interface Specification
NDPS   network distributed print system
NDS   Netware Directory Service
NDS  Novell Directory Service
NEEDS   Nikkei Economic Electronic Databank System
Net PC   network personal computer
NetBEUI   NetBIOS Extended User Interface
NETBIOS   Network Basic Input/Outputs System
NFS   network file system
NGIO   Next Generation Input/Output
NIC Network Interface Card
NIT   Network Information Table
NIU   Network Interface Unit
NLM   NetWare loadable module
NLS   national language support
NNI   network node interface
NOD   News on Demand
NOI   Notice Inquiry
NOS   Network Operating System
NPI   Network provider Interface
NPR   Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
NREN   National Research and Education Network
nrt   non-real-time
NSP   native signal processing
NT   New Technology
NT   Network Termination
NTDS   Windows NT Directory Service
NTFS   NT File System
NTLM   Windows NT LAN Manager
NTP   Network Time Protocol
NTS/E   Windows NT Server, Enterprise Edition
NVOD   Near Video on Demand
OADG   Open Architecture Developing Group
OAK   OEM Adoption Kit
OAM   operation and maintenance
OCMP   Open Computing environment for MIPS Platform
OCN   Open Computer Network
OCX   OLE Custom control
ODA   Open Document Architecture
ODAPI   Open Database Application Programming Interface
ODB   object-oriented database
ODBC   Open Database Connectivity
ODBMS   object(-oriented) database management system
ODI   Open Datalink Interface
ODS   operational data store
ODSI   Open Directory Services Interface
OEX   OLE System Control
OFS   Object File System
OGI   Open Graphics Initiative
OHCI   Open Host Controller Interface
OID   Object ID
OLAP   on-line analytical processing
OLCP   on-line complex processing
OLE   Object Linking & Embedding
OLTP   on-line transaction processing
OMA   Object Management Architecture
OMAP   Open Multimedia Application Platform
OMG-IDL   Object Management Group Interface Definition Language
OMG-UNO   Object Management Group Universal Networked Objects
OMT   Object Modeling Technique
ONC   Open Network Computing
ONP   open network provision
ONU   optical network unit
OOA   object-oriented analysis
OOAD   object-oriented analysis and design
OOD   object-oriented design
OODB   object-oriented database
OOP   object-oriented programming
OOPS   object-oriented programming system
OOPSLA   Object-Oriented Programming, Systems, Languages, and Application
OpenHCI   Open Host Controller Interface
OPK   OEM preinstallation kit
OQL   object query language
OR   operations research
ORB   Operation Request Block
ORB   Object Request Broker
ORDB   Object-Relational Database
OS Operating System
OSA   Open Scripting Architecture
OSF   Open Software Foundation
OSI   Open System Interface
OSI   Open Systems Interconnection
OSPM   OS-directed Power Management
OSR   OEM service release
OTG   on the go
OTS   Object Transaction Service
OVI   Open Verilog International
PA   Precision Architecture
PABX   private automatic branch exchange
PAC   Privilege attribute Certificate
PAD   Program associated data
PAD   packet assembler/disassembler
PAD   Problem Analysis Diagram
PARCOR   partial auto correlation
PA-RISC   Precision Architecture-RISC
PAS   Pre-Boot Authentication Service
PATA Parrallel Advance Technology Attachments
PC   packet classifier
PC Personal Computer
PC-DOS   Personal Computer-Disk Operating System
PCI Peripheral Component Interconnect
PCI PM   PCI Bus Power Management Specification
PCIC   PC Card I/O Cards
PCP   Printer Control Protocol
PCS   physical coding sublayer
PCT   Private Communication Technology
PCTE   portable common tool environment
PDA Personal Digital Assistant
PDC   primary domain controller
PDC   Program Delivery Control
PDC   professional developers conference
PDEF   physical design exchange format
PDF   Portable Document File
PDK   Peripheral Developers Kit
PDL   Process Design Language
PDL   page description language
PDM   product data management system
PDM   Primary Defect Map
PDO   physical device object
PDQ   parallel data query
PDS   public domain software
PEX   PHIGS Extension to X
PFS   Product Functional Specification
PGP   pretty good privacy
PHIGS   Programmer’s Hierarchical Interactive Graphics System
PIAM   Platform Independent Application Model
PIC   Personal Intelligent Communicator
PIC   Programmable Interrupt Controller
PICS   Platform for internet Content Selection
PID   Program ID
PID   packet identification
PIF   program information file
PIM   Parallel Inference Machine
PIO   programmed input/output
PIP   P Internet Protocol
PIT   Programmable Interrupt Timer
PKT   Partition Knowledge Table
PL/1   Programming Language one
PLB   Picture Level Benchmark
PLDA   Private Loop Direct Attach
PLI   programming language interface
PMA   physical medium attachment
PMC   PCI Mezzanine Card
PMD   physical medium dependent
PMD   physical media dependent sublayer
PME   Power Management Event
PML   Physical Markup Language
PNG   Portable Network Graphics
POI   point of interface
POP   point of presence
POP   post office protocol
POPS   peta operations per second
POSIX   portable operating system interface
POST   power-on self-test
POWER   Performance Optimization with Enhanced RISC
pp   program parallelism
ppm   pages per minute
PPP   Point-to-Point Protocol
PPTP   point-to point tunneling protocol
PRM   Performance Report Message
PS/2   personal system/2
PS2   Play Station 2
PSS   Product Support Services
PSU Power Supply Unit
PSW   Program Status Word
PVC   permanent virtual circuit
PVM   Parallel Virtual Machine
PVP   Packet Video Protocol
QBE   query by example
QCELP   Qualcomm code excited linear prediction
QCIF   quarter common intermediate format
QIC   Quarter-inch Cartridge
QRSL   Quad Rambus Signal Level
QTVR   QuickTime VR
QVGA   quarter video graphic array
RAD   rapid application development
RAID   Redundant Arrays of Inexpensive Disks
RAM Random Access Memory
RAW   read and write
RDA   remote database access
RDB   relational database
RDBMS   relational database management system
RDN   Relative distinguished Name
RFID   Radio Frequency Identification
RFT:DCA   Revisable From Text : Document Content Architecture
RID   Relative ID
RIFF   Resource Interchange File Format
RIMM   Rambus Inline Memory Module
RIPL   Remote Initial Program Load
RISC   reduced instruction set computer
RLC   Run Length Coding
RMI   remote method invocation
RNI   Raw Native Interface
ROLAP   Relational online analytical processing
ROM Read Only Memory
RPC   remote procedure call
RPE-LTP   Regular Pulse Excitation-Long Term Predictive cording
RPG   Report Program Generator
RSL   Rambus Signal Level
RSX   Intel Realistic Sound eXperience
RT   remote terminal
RT   Real-Time
RTC   real-time clock
RTF   Rich Text Format
RTK   real time kinematic
RTOS   Real Time Operating System
RTS   Request To Send
RWS   Remote Winsock
S.M.A.R.T.   Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology
S/PDIF   Sony Philips Digital Interface
S/W   software
SA   Structured Analysis
SAA   Systems Application Architecture
SACCH   slow associated control channel
SAF   synthetic antiferromagnet
SALT   Speech Application Language Tag
SAM   SCSI-3 Architecture Model
SAP   secondary audio programming
SAR   segmentation and reassembly
SASI   Shugart Associates System Interface
SATA Serial Advance Technology Attachments
SBC   surrounded by complement
SBC   SCSI-3 Block Commands
SBE   software behavior estimation
SBP   Serial Bus Protocol
SBS   Smart Battery Specification
SBS   Smart Battery Systems
SC   Structured Chart
SCA   single connector attachment for SCSI Disk Drives
SCAM   SCSI Configured Automatically
SCD   SPARC Compliance Definition
SCI   scaleable coherent interface
SCID   Service Channel ID
SCM   Software Configuration Management
SCP   Source Compatibility Package
SCP   Service Control Point
SCSI   small computer system interface
SCSIFCP   SCSI Fibre Channel Protocol
SCSL   Sun Community Source License
SCT   Software Compatibility Test
SD   Structured Design
SD   shared disk
SD Cards Secure Digital Cards
SDAS   System Development Architecture & Support facilities
SDE   Software Development Engineer
SDH   synchronous digital hierarchy
SDK   software developer’s kit
SDLC   Synchronous Data Link Control
SDP   session description protocol
SDR   Sustained Data Rate
SDU   Service Data Unit
SE   system engineer
SE   shared everything
SECC   Single Edge Contact Cartridge
SECE   secure electronic commerce environment
SES   solution exchange standard
SETP   Stream Environment Transport Protocol
SFF   Small Form Factor
SFN   single frequency network
SFS   stick-on free slider
SFS   Shared File System
SGML   Standard Generalized Markup Language
SI   Service Information
SI   system integration
SID   Subsystem ID
SIE   Serial Interface Engine
SIMD   single instruction stream-multiple data stream
SIMM Single In Line Memory Module
SIPC   Simply Interactive Personal Computer
SIR   serial infrared interface
SIS   strategic information system
SLCP   Software Life-Cycle Processes
SLIC   subscriber line interface circuit
SLIP   Serial Line IP
SMB   server message block
SMBus   System Management Bus
SMDL   Standard Music Description Language
SMI   system management interrupt
SMM   system management mode
SMS   system management server
SNA   Systems Network Architecture
SNA   Software Network Architecture
SOF   start of frame
SPA   Software Process Assessments
SPARC   Scalable Processor Architecture
SPDL   Standard Page Description Language
SPEF   Standard Parasitic Exchange Format
SPF   standard parasitic format
SPI   Serial Peripheral Interface
SPICE   Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis
SPID   Service Profile Identifier
SPMD   single program multiple data stream
SPS   Shock Protection System
SPSR   Stored Program Status Register
SPX   Sequenced Packet Exchange
SQL   structured query language
SRB   Stream Request block
SRC   sample rate converter
SRC   sampling rate change
SSA   Serial Storage Architecture
SSADM   Structured Systems and Design Method
SSC   Smart Signal Conditioning
SSDP   Simple Service Discovery Protocol
SSI   single system image
SSL   Secure Socket Layer
SSP   serial storage protocol
SSPI   Security Support Provider Interface
SSTF   shortest seek time first
SSTV   slow scan television
STD   State Transition Diagram
STEP   Standard for the Exchange of Product
STI   Still Image architecture
STT   Secure Transaction Technology
SVC   switched virtual connection
SVG   Scalable Vector Graphics
SVGA   super video graphics array
SVID   System Vendor Interface Definition (IDentification)
SXGA   super extended graphic array
SXVGA   super extended video graphics array
TAPI   Telephony application programming interface
TB Tera Byte
TBI   Ten Bit Interface
TCL   Tool command Language
TD-CDMA   time division-code division multiple access
TDE   telephone data entry
TDI   Transport Driver Interface
TE   terminal equipment
TFTP   trivial file transfer protocol
TIFF   Tagged Image File Format
TLD   Top Level Domain
TLI   Transport Level Interface for UNIX
TM   transaction manager
TMDS   Transition Minimized Differential Signaling
TMF   transaction monitoring facility
TOC   table of contents
TREC   Texture and Rendering Engine Compression
TRON   The Realtime Operating system Nucleus
TSD   type-specific driver
TSR   terminate-and-stay-resident
TSS   time sharing system
TWAIN   Technology Without Any Interested Name
TwinVQ   transform domain weighted interleave vector quantization
TXD   Transmission Data
UAS   User Account System
UBR   unspecified bit rate
UCT   Universal Coordinate Time
UDL/I   unified design language of integrated circuit
UDMA Ultra Direct Memory Access
UDP   User Datagram Protocol
UFS   UNIX file system
UHCI   Universal Host Controller Interface
UI   UNIX International
UI   User Interface
UI   Unit Interval
UIMS   user interface management system
ULP   upper layer protocol
UML   unified modeling language
U-N   User to Network primitive
UNC   Universal Naming Convention
UNI   user network interface
UP   Uniprocessor
UPC   Usage Parameter Control
UPF   Uni Picture Format
URB   USB request block
URL   Uniform Resource Locator
USB   Universal Serial Bus
USN   Update Sequence Number
UTMI   USB2.0 Transceiver Macrocell Interface
UTOPIA   Universal Test & Operations PHY Interface for ATM
U-U   User to User primitive
UUCP   UNIX to UNIX Copy Program
UVGA   Ultimate VGA (1024 x 768, 60fps)
VAFC   Vesa Advanced Feature Connector
VAN   value added network
VB   Visual Basic
VBA   Microsoft Visual Basic Programming System Application Edition
VBE   VESA BIOS Extension
VBX   Visual Basic Extension
VC   virtual channel
VC   virtual circuit
VCCI   Voluntary Control Council for Interference by Data Processing Equipment
VCDFSD   Virtual CD-ROM File System Driver
VCI   Virtual Channel Identifier
VDD   Virtual Device Driver
VDD   Version Description Document
VDIF   Video display Information Format
VDM   Virtual DOS Machine
VDM   Virtual Device Manager
VDMA   Virtual DMA
VDMAD   Virtual DMA Device
VDO   Video Distribution Office
VDP   video datagram protocol
VDS   Virtual DMA Services
VDT   video display terminal/visual display terminal
VESA   Video Electronics Standard Association
VFS   virtual file system
VFW   Video for Windows
VGA   Video Graphics Array
VHDL   VHSIC hardware description language
VI   VHDL International
VIP   Video Information Provider
VISCA   Video System Control Architecture
VITAL   VHDL Initiative toward ASIC Libraries
VL-Bus   VESA local bus
VLM   Very Large Memory
VM   Virtual Machine
VM/CMS   Virtual Machine / Conversational Monitor System
VM/ESA   Virtual Machine/Enterprise Systems Architecture
VME   versa module European
VMS   Virtual Memory System
VMTP   Versatile Message Transaction Protocol
VOD   video-on-demand
VP   virtual path
VPE   Video Port Extension
VPI   virtual path identifier
VpicD   virtual programmable interrupt controller device
VRM Voltage Regulator Modules
VRML   virtual reality modeling language
VSAM   virtual storage access method
VSD   Vendor Specific Driver
VUDA   VESA Unified Graphic Architecture
VUMA   VESA Unified Memory Architecture
VVIDD   VESA Video Interface for Digital Display
VxD   Virtual Device Driver
VXI   VMEbus extensions for instrumentation
WAIS   wide area information server
WBMP   Wireless Bitmap
WBS   work breakdown structure
WBT   Windows-Based Terminal
WC   write combining
WCEfA   Windows CE for Automotive
WD   working draft
WDCTRL   Western Digital-Compatible Hard Disk Controller
WDI   Watchdog input
WDL   Windows Driver Library
WDM   Win32 Driver Model
WDMCSA   WDM Connection and Streaming Architecture
WHIIG   Windows Hardware Instrumentation Implementation Guideline
WHQL   Windows Hardware Quality Laboratory
Wi Fi Wireless Fidelity
WIA   Windows Image Acquisition
WIA   Wearable Internet Appliance
WIDE   Widely Integrated Distributed Environment
WIFE   Windows Intelligent Font Environment
WinHEC   Windows Hardware Engineering Conference
WINNLS   Windows National Language Support
WINS   Windows Internet Name Service
WinSock   Windows Sockets 2.0
WIPS   whetstone instructions per second
WLL   wireless local loop
WMA   Windows Media Audio
WMF   Windows Meta-File
WMI   Windows Management Instrumentation
WORM   write once, read many
WOSA   Windows Open System Architecture
WPS   Windows Printing System
WRAM   Window RAM
WRB   Web Request Broker
WS   workstation
WSH   Windows Scripting Host
WSP   WinSock Proxy
WSS   Windows Sound System
WWDU   Work With Display Units
WWW World Wide Web
XCOFF   eXtended Common Object File Format
XDR   external data representation
XFN   X/Open Federated Naming
XGA   eXtended Graphics Array
XHTML   eXtensible Hypertext Markup Language
XIMP   X Window System Input Method Protocol
XIP   eXecute-in-Place
XKP   Extended Kanji Processing
XMS   eXtended Memory Specification
XNS   Xerox Network System
XPC   extended processing complex
XPG   X/Open Portability Guide
XTP   express Transfer Protocol
Y2K   Year 2000
ZAK   Zero Administration Kit foe Windows NT Workstation
ZAW   Zero Administration Windows
ZIP   Zone Improvement Plan
ZM   zone marker
ZTAT   Zero Turn Around Time
ZVP   Zoomed Video Port

Created by Raghav Khosla Student NIIT Mall Road Amritsar