Project List

  1. Commission Calculator
  2. Copying the given text from one textfield to other textfield
  3. Reversing the given text entered in a textfield
  4. Counting the character of the given string
  5. Color changer for different controls like button, textfield and label
  6. Calculator
  7. Writing full name with welcome message
  8. Checking vote eligibility
  9. Discounted amount calculator
  10. Largest number finder from three numbers entered by user
  11. Login id and password checker
  12. Scoreboard of a match
  13. Replacing the word from a given string
  14. Finding the odd numbers till the number entered by user
  15. Counting the number of days in a month
  16. Printing the table of any number enter by user from 1 to 100
  17. Multiple checker for number 3, 5 and 7
  18. SMS character counting and telling user about the remaining characters
  19. Business calculator
  20. Sum of series calculator
  21. Palindrome
  22. Temperature converter from Celsius to Fahrenheit
  23. Unit converter from kilogram into gram and from liters into milliliters
  24. Checker the character entered by user is a vowel or not
  25. Print the sum of number digits entered by user ex: 1234 (1+2+3+4=10)
  26. Page 101 Question 8
  27. Page 102 Question 9
  28. Accept 3 numbers and print the sum, average, max, min after rounding off the result
  29. Raise to power
  30. Rounding off up to 0, 1, 2, 3 digits
  31. Change case of a given string
  32. Get Short Name after filling First name, Middle name and last name.
  33. Calculate the area of a circle
  34. Enter the number and print the weekday
  35. Enter the number and print the month